The Process Premise Continued. “And that’s because …”

“And that’s because” refers to the last post where I posited that most of you survey takers fell into the “One” category. That is, you just weren’t sure, weren’t going to allow one of the five real choices to dominate your thinking about what kind of educational future you think are the priorities for future-schools.

So which is it? Economic Priorities? Back to Basics Priorities? Socialization Priorities? Critical Thinking Priorities? Creating Great Citizens Priorities?

Or should we take the great “All of the Above” cop out?

However maybe that is the best answer. For sure each of the choices has value. And so, if we do say “All of the Above” the next questions are:

– In equal doses?

– In UNequal doses?

– If in UNequal doses then which of these deserves the most attention?

I am going to hypothesize and say that Economics is the priority for many of you. Next post will examine that premise more thoroughly.

What are you thinking?